Saturday, September 12, 2009

Because we're bored...

we invent these sites, sites with no apparent purpose...yet.

Two of which I have recently come across are Cleverbot and Omegle, not entirely new ideas at all, just improved on with new technology.

I must admit that Cleverbot is by far one of the more interesting ai I've come across on the net as of late. It almost always makes sense, well, in some way. And when it can't it tries to joke, though humor is individual and can't always be inferred from its responses. Conversations are also often circular, you really have to take the initiative to steer the conversation although sometimes the bot will try, though randomly.

Omegle reminds me of old AIM Chats, before they became overly categorized, monitored, and difficult to access, ie., not fun anymore. On this site you are randomly paired with someone to chat with, and as expected it is already plagued with spam and xxx trollers. However, abuse Omegle too much, and they WILL ban your ip address, still, if you search the web for "funniest Omegle conversations" you will find some new/old chat humor with a twist that sometimes seem so well done you wonder if the two chatting are really strangers, or is it a clever screen shot edit?

So I suppose you could call them old ideas with an upgrade.

Every now and then sites like these pop up, and as they improve perhaps one day they will serve a greater purpose, until then, they are fun to play with.