Sunday, August 23, 2009

OMG Captin Crawl Saved My Life!


Because it saved me a ton of green, that's why! is a blog search engine specifically designed to search blogs for music files!
Often the blogs will be in another language like Spanish or Russian but after a little practice you can distinguish the download links and passwords. If you want to use this you will also need a copy of winrar which you can get here.

Its a free and safe download, tested true.

The free downloads often take a few minutes, or up to 15 min depending on your computers age, speed, etc. And so far none of the music files have be corrupted since they are being downloaded using the free -slow- version of legit sites in whos best interest it is to screen the files in the first place for malicious additives.


So don't complain, just go do some laundry or something while that brand new cd is downloaded for free to your computer.